Restorative Dentistry

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Ageing no longer means that you will suffer from tooth loss. Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. 

Dental health is an essential component of overall physical wellness. Loss of teeth can result in changes in facial contour and create problems in the digestive tract. A continuing care program is essential to achieving and maintaining your oral health. 

Frequent examinations and preventive care can help the dentist to detect dental disease in its early stages making treatment easier with less discomfort. Early detection can also help the patient to avoid the necessity of having more complex and costly procedures performed. 

Tooth decay can be caused by a number of factors; the most common cause is from dental plaque that has not been removed from teeth. Plaque is a soft, sticky accumulation of bacteria and products of saliva. During a continuing care (preventive) appointment, the dentist will examine the teeth and supporting structures.

The scaling process involves the crown of the tooth and below the gum line where plaque is often trapped. Following the scaling, the dentist will polish the teeth. Patients can have fluoride applied to their teeth at the end of the continuing care appointment. Fluoride is one of the best preventive substances for tooth decay and has significantly reduced the amount of dental decay in school age children.

At the conclusion of a continuing care appointment, the patient will be instructed to follow proper home care and brushing techniques. The dentist will perform a final examination and the patient is escorted to the reception desk. The receptionist will ensure that your next appointment is made to keep your smile attractive and healthy.

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